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Why should a woman be independent or how evolution played us a bad joke

Imagine a hard-to-reach jungle, entangled lianas, wild vegetation, where sunlight rarely penetrates. Only the screams of a group of men can be heard, who chase a wild boar with such fierceness that we women can not even imagine. Late in the evening, the animal is already exhausted and the strongest and obstinate man in the group manages to kill him. The hunter drags the animal along, genuinely satisfied with his prey. The thought of being able to feed himself and his family fills him with enthusiasm and pride. He takes the boar into the village to his wife and children. His wife hugs him, kisses him passionately, and tells him how proud she is with him. The man sits down silently by the fire, genuinely satisfied with his achievement, feeling delighted that this night would be a long an Read More